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If your health  plan has made arrangements to use the Health West COVID-19 testing program, you may obtain your at home self-test kit here.  If you opt not to obtain your home test from this program, and you choose to get your test kit from a pharmacy,  your health plan will reimburse you up to $12.00 per test kit.  You will need to send the receipt to the health plan administrator for payment. 

If you choose to obtain your test kit from this program, then there is no out of pocket costs to you.

You can order one test kit per member at a time -  Each test kit has two COVID-19 self-test kits inside.   

If you have questions about the test kit program, you can reach us at  (888)-316-1833.  

You may only order test kits for the Subscriber/employee, the spouse or dependent children who are currently covered and active on your health insurance plan. 

Effective January 15th the Biden-Harris Administration is forcing all health plans to pay for up to 8 COVID-19 home test kits per member 

Please fill out the form to enroll in the program and order your test kit

Due to the high demand for COVID-19 home test kits.

shipping may be delayed. 

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