We have been saving employers money through our custom healthcare solutions since 2009.  With the ever increasing costs of health care premiums and sky rocketing Hospital bills and prescription, we wanted to create custom solutions and claim management that put you back in the drivers seat and empower you to better manage your health care spending.

Unlike other claims administrators or insurance companies, we provide the tools, technology and personal expertise to manage your claims from beginning to end in order to save your  health plan money. 

We provide over 50 years of experience in multiple facets of the healthcare industry.   We could not find an integrated system in the market that provided all of the cost management tools we wanted so, we designed our own. 

​To date, employers have relied on the same instruments for managing healthcare costs; network discounts, provider access and increased cost-sharing with employees. Employers can impact healthcare quality and cost by working with Health West to create a high performing custom network built just for them.  By managing the network and the costs on an ongoing basis the employer can enjoy better discounts and keep out of pocket costs affordable for their employees.


· Custom Network, Best Pricing, Managed Relationships.

· We help direct the members to cost effective, quality providers.

· We manage all of the claims start to finish for your plan.

· Add physicians and facilities as needed

· 14% average cost reduction in Claims Cost

· Bill Audits, Bill Review and on going Claims Monitoring is included.

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 We offer a wide range of services for Self-funded employer

 plans that focus on all aspects of a members healthcare services.


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