Navigating your insurance benefits and getting to the right provider can be frustrating.  But not with Insurance pal.  Our innovative health care delivery system focuses on improving care, lowering costs and enhancing your access to health care.  You can better manage your benefits and understand your health plan with our patient advocate program or our free mobile app.

We provide a high touch environment for your members to get answers to their questions, coordinate insurance, locate physicians and hospitals, answer billing questions, negotiate claims or out of pocket expenses and much
more.   We promote member involvement, and education.  Insurance pal acts as a partner and a guide for members to navigate their health, dental and vision insurance services more effectively.

Members may contact the Patient Advocate during business hours or the Patient Advocate may pro-actively reach out to the member to offer assistance, guidance and education.

We offer a white label product for employers who want to offer this service to their employeesIntroducing our new app for iPhone and Android.  This app allows members to get their ID card, eligibility and benefits on their phone or mobile device.   It also allows members to search for providers and send a copy of their ID card to their chosen provider instead of carrying paper or plastic cards. If you are interested contact us at (888) 391-3301.

Benefits and and accumulators

are available and easy to find along with your benefit summary.

All of your family members are listed with their coverages and accumulators are available.


Your coverage ID cards and effective date are readily available and can be shared with your provider.

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Fax - (888) 316-8572

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