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We created our first Custom provider network in Yuma Arizona for a self-funded school district.  We realized that there are many solutions that lower healthcare costs and provide quality that were not being implemented throughout the industry.   Our independence allows us to prioritize and select solutions that are in the best interest of the employer and the member and then provide the knowledge and power to make and implement changes that save money.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare arena we  specialize in multi-million dollar contract negotiations with hospitals, physicians and other ancillary providers.  We also provide over 30 years of experience in healthcare insurance, self-funding, employer consulting, claims administration and data analysis for employer sponsored health plans. 

 We strive to be a leader in the healthcare industry by providing innovative, tested, quality health care solutions and services that exceed the expectations of our employers and brokers.

We strive to change change the way that employers, brokers and members view healthcare and empower them to take control of their healthcare services, healthcare dollar and provide the tools and technology to Maximize savings.  We currently have networks in over 30 states including Utah, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and many more.

 About Us

  We have been creating custom provider networks since 2009. 

  to think outside the box and provide innovated solutions that

  make a difference and save time and money.

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